Thailand 2001
60 minutes / Digital, 4:3, Stereo / Colour
Editions: 3 + 3 APs
Director / Camera / Editor: Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Scripted from two episodes of the TV series Tong Prakaisad, Channel 5, Bangkok
Cast: Toy Luangjan, Suriyon Luangjan, Pratom Buranrom, Nim Janmo, Chaiwat Yahuadong, Supatra Sanmeung, Prapaijitr Kotmool, Sopa Yahuadong, Pranee Kamnerdsingha, Duang Malad, Jitlada Poontegong, Nooklai Senbee, Noodang Dungchaiyapoom, Anong Chaiyadech
Sound Recordist: Soontara Pinwisai
Contact Managers: Sopon Chinkam, Boonmee Wongsasan

Presented at the 7th International Istanbul Biennial, 21 September – 17 November 2001, curated by Hasegawa Yuko.
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Haunted Houses is one of the four works that Apichatpong deals with various forms of media addiction in the Thai cultural landscape. In this particular work, the narrative was directly scripted from two episodes of a popular Thai military television channel called Tong Prakaisad. The series mainly deals with love and the problems of the wealthy. The filmmaker then traveled to the villages near his home and asked villagers to participate by acting, according to the script.

All 66 villagers from six villages participated resuming roles. The story was continuous, but the actors who played the characters were constantly changed as the filming location moved from one village to another.

108. She tossed it away.
109. And she screamed…
110. It’s all right. Let me handle her.
111. Yes sir.
112. Walaya, you have to eat something.
113. Do you still love me?
114. Yes.
115. What about your other wives?
116. She’s not my wife.
117. I don’t believe you. You have to break up with her.
118. Promise me?
119. Yes, I promise.
120. Yes?
121. What’s my son eating for dinner?
122. Green vegetables, madam.
123. Oh, be a good boy. I’ll send a driver to buy you dessert.
124. Be a good boy.
125. Sir…
126. I’m so happy you’re here.
127. Please sit down.
128. Tongprakai, this boy is yours, right?
129. No, he’s my sister’s son.
130. Let go outside.
131. But he looks so much like you.
132. You don’t believe me, do you?
133. Wait, where are you going?
134. To get you his birth certificate.
135. There’s no need.
136. Let’s go out. I don’t want to bother your sister.
137. She’s dead.
138. The boy’s father is a foreigner.
139. He went back to the States a long time ago.
140. And never came back.
141. You take care of him alone?
142. Yes, there’s no one else.
143. You’re such a good woman.
144. Whose house is this? It’s so beautiful.
145. It’s your house. I bought it for you.
146. Thank you so much, Sir.
147. Tongprakai, I have been with many women…
148. …but you satisfy me the most.
149. I’ll do my best to deserve your kindness.
150. Let’s go inside.
151. Wait…
152. There’s someone inside.
153. Who? How do you know?
154. His car is parked here.
155. It’s your car.
156. Wow, this is my car?
157. Yes, this house is so far out…
158. … I bought you this car to make things easier.
159. Oh, I like it. Thank you so much.
160. I love you the most in the world.
161. I want to have a child.
162. I’ll rest in peace if I have one.
163. You don’t have a child?
164. No.
165. The Lady’s health is not so good.
166. I might be too old now.
167. I want to have a child with you.
168. You’re still young.
169. You can have as many kids as you want.
170. But I might be sterile.
171. I’ve tried with many women but to no avail.
172. Now, you’re talking about other women, I’m getting jealous.
173. You get jealous, too?
42. Because you are the most precious jewel I have.
43. Beautiful, pure, delicate…
44. Thank you sir.
45. You bought her a ring?
46. It wasn’t expensive, just a toy.
47. But you’ve never bought me one.
48. You’ve only ever seen me as a sick person.
49. It’s not like that. Don’t think too much.
50. I have only you in my life.
51. Don’t lie to me. I know her name is Tongprakai
52. Who told you this?
53. I know you show her off around town.
54. Taking her everywhere.
55. When I die will she take my place as Lady of the house?
56. Please Walaya, stop that.
57. I love only you. I have no one else.
58. I don’t believe you.
59. You’re seeing other women while I’m sick in bed.
60. I still love you.
61. Go away, I can’t trust a man like you.
62. You’ll never be responsible to your family.
63. If you can’t trust me, then who can you?
64. Let me die alone, go to your mistress.
65. You’ve never taken care of me.
66. Oh, believe me…
67. I don’t believe. I don’t believe you.
68. Walaya!
69. Walaya!
70. Are you all right?
71. Nurse Nurse!
72. My Lady…
73. Oh, my dear little boy…
74. Miss, why don’t you go out today?
75. Don’t stick your nose in my life!
76. Your job is to raise my kid, so mind your own business.
77. Yes.
78. Oh, don’t cry.
79. Don’t cry.
80. You’re a good boy. Don’t cry.
81. What’s the matter? You look so glum.
82. Sister Dara, have you heard about the General?
83. He just disappears.
84. Maybe he’s in trouble.
85. He still sends you money?
86. Alright, I’ll ask around for you.
87. Thank you. I’ll leave now. So long.
88. So long.
89. This old man gets bored so easily.
90. He might be with another woman right now.
91. Rome! Why do you hate Tongprakai?
92. What’s wrong between you two?
93. You make me very happy.
94. I’m also happy to be with you.
95. I don’t believe you. You don’t love me anymore.
96. Walaya!
97. Walaya!
98. My Lady, your soup.
99. I don’t want it.
100. Get out!
101. Why are you doing this?
102. I’m tired of your stupid face. Go!
103. Let me be alone. Let me die alone. Go!
104. Oh, I have a headache.
105. Sir…
106. What’s wrong?
107. The Lady wouldn’t eat her soup.